Thursday, March 5, 2009

My very first TAGGING post.... ENJOY!! Play along if you'd like.

From your 5th folder in your pictures and your 5th photo in...

All I know is that I had just come home from getting my hair done. I don't even recall what year... maybe 1-2 years ago... But I gotta say it does look pretty fricken awesome hey!? Infact I want to do this style again. But I'm gonna have to wait. I just got my hair chopped last week. SHORT!

So onto the 2nd part of the tagging.....

My Three's (3'):

Three Names I go by

1. Angela

2. Angie

3. Baby (from the BF)

Three Jobs I have had in my life

1. During high school I worked at Hardees

2. Partime grocery cashier at the same time that I worked my next listed job

3. Pump assembler for 16 yrs. and counting b/c this is my job.

Places I have lived

1. At Home

2. in an apartment

3. With my boyfriend of 7yrs. in a house that we bought the lake.

Three TV Shows that I watch (or at least record on my DVR)

1. Days of Our Lives

2. Greys Anatomy/Private Practice

3. Oprah

Three places I have been

1. Flew to San Juan by myself for a 7 day cruise to St. Marteen, St. Thomas, St. John, St. Lucia, & Barbadoos (very first trip ever, very first plane ride)

2. Florida to visit my sister (and she still lives there)

3. A road trip to Nashville Tennesse for Fan Fair

Three books I have especially enjoyed

1. First of all it takes me forever to read a book ... I'm more of a magazine reader. But I have read from cover to cover the Body for life book.

2. Currently reading Sidney Portier... Measure of a Man

3. Bobbie Brown *the Make up Artist* The Make-up Manual (My dream was to become a cosmotoligist ever since I was in grade school...I was going to be the one applying make up and doing hair right before you go on air. ) But look where I ended up.....A factory position....Barf!)

People who e-mail me regularly

1. my sister

2. Two Peas in a Bucket

3. Bills ....Lol

Three of my favorite foods

1. Pizza...dipped in Ranch Dressing

2. Lasagna and Garlic Cheese Bread

3. Ice Cream with oreos, fudge, whipped cream and a cherry.

Three friends I think might re-post

1. Not sure2. Maybe3. You?

Three things I am looking forward to

1. Spring!

2. Taking more photos....I kinda go into shut down mode in the winter time.

3. A road trip to visit Elsie at her new store there are my its your turn!! Have fun!


mehta said...

Nice Stuff!

Commendable Blog indeed!

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Eeffie said...

Great pic! And i loved reading your answers too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I'm Eeffie from the Netherlands and i'm in the RVA class too!

ashleyrwatts said...

Haha, someone else who eats pizza in ranch (isn't it just the healthiest!? :P)! Everyone at home thinks I'm weird...oh well! lol

Veronica said...

I just lover your journal cover and I must look for you in the mag. I do find that the directions for most things in that magazine are a bit confusing. So glad I'm not alone! :)

Mika said...

Great to read. Mika (

PaperTurtle said...

Fun post! :o) I went to my 5th picture folder, 5th picture in. Ha! Not a good shot of my SIL. heeheehee. I like your 3-things too...thanks for the inspiration.
~ Deb

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