Friday, March 6, 2009

A little of this and a little of that

Here is a picture that I'm going to use in my Color Me Happy book. The long compact to the left is the new Hello Kitty pallet from M*A*C cosmetics. I am soooo into colors and I love dramatic when it comes to playing up the eyes.

And then there is my Love, Elsie drawer... No this isn't the only drawer...I've got cropper hopper sleeves filled with Elsie supplies too. This drawer pretty much holds stuff like Elsie Stationary, pretty pictures that were sent with my orders from Etsy. But what a really wanted to show you was this Awesome vinyl art that I created last night with my Silhouette digital cutter. This thing is sooo cool that it will use any true type font on your computer and either cut it out, print it out with a ball point pen, or you can purchase colored marking pens to go into this machine. But what I love the most about this is that you can design professional quality titles/Wall Art measuring from 8 inches tall to 39 inches long. It's a beautiful thing!

And as if that wasn't enough I really enjoyed the fact that I had my desk chair recovered with Houndstooth printed cordaroy fabric yesterday. Its so beautiful and it just makes my little sewing area even cuter.
Thats all for today folks! Hope you had a wonderful Friday.


Angela said...

I love Elsie too!

Anonymous said...

I adore that chair!
And I REALLLLLLY want that love, elsie recipe box..

julio n carla said...

looooooooove your houndstooth chair! where did you find the corduroy?!?!? scream!!!

sounds like we might be roommates for a couple nights in SPRINGFIELD!!!! i'm sooo excited!!!


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