Saturday, March 7, 2009


Awaiting its arrival..... Hmmmmm I wonder what I will put in my new book!? I'm super excited about this. Making a book from scratch. I like doing things like this more than just buying an already made up book. This way you can make it your own. You can purchase this here

Here is my take on a handmade Art Journal. For sale here .

And this is going to be soooo cute for whatever I use it for. Robert Kaufman is a big favorite of mine for fabric purchases. Yet it can be so hard to find. I've got a couple of places you can find Robert Kaufman fabrics. Go Here & Here .

And last but not least....I know this is totally off subject but I'm getting excited about getting this back out on the water. The ice is melting. Spring is coming. Which means getting the boat out. Having that sun on my face and getting a little bit of color. I'll fish a little bit...but my boyfriend is into that more than me. I'll bring my camera and take pictures, or bring one of my favorite magazines to read.

Its a rainy day today and its going to be raining all weekend.

Today I'm going to work on my Color Me Happy book from the Pretty Class.

What are you doing today?


Angela said...

I love that fabric! My whole house is brown, blue, and green. I NEED that fabric for my kitchen window!

It is 80 degrees here and I am on the porch with my dogs and my laptop...that's all I am doing today.

Amy said...

Your Journal turned out great!! very pretty!
Today ,I went to my sons Basketball game and did a liitle shoe shopping.

Miss Wanderlust said...

I need that fabric!!!

kimi said...

That fabric is B-E-A Rockin'!! Going to have it check it out!

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