Saturday, March 14, 2009

Aaaaahhh! 50 degrees....Beautiful!

I've got the windows open....the cats are sitting in there perch side by side together looking out the window. The sun is shinning. I love it! Spring is right around the corner. Today I went to my church for a corn beef and cabbage dinner and it was delicious. I'd been waiting for it all week.

Not much else to exciting going on these days...It was my first week back to work this last week. It felt good to get back on a schedule. Wasn't really liking the working part of it. LOL!

Now I dont want to whine about this too much because there isn't anything I can do about it but I'm having a hard time with one of the side effects of the steroids that I'm on. My face......Is HUGE! I'm not kidding.. and if Ihave to be on this for the whole summer.....thats going to suck! No pictures thats for sure. But anyway.

Time to get to the grocery store.

I hope to have some projects completed and post sometime tomorrow. Have a Great Saterday!


kimi said...

i love 50 degree bf thinks it is freezing! HA! Sorry about the steroids, that is no fun! You probably look so pretty anyways. Can't wait to see any projects you get finished tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Well we definitely could use that 50 degree weather now. They are predicting snow again (ugh) Hope you have some crafts to keep you busy sounds like we will all be indoors for a while longer.

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