Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I just absolutely love this covered chair.

I have this same fabric and would love to cover my chair with it. Repholstering a chair though is something I've never done. Maybe I'll give it a whirl. I'll have Al help me.
Today I was suppose to have galbladder surgery, but it got cancelled. I'm ok with that though. With being newely diagnosed with Wegener's Disease and just starting the treatments for it with Prednisone and Chemo would have put me at a higher risk of getting an infection and not healing fast. I'm glad I was told this before going under the knife. My rhumatoligist is a very good Dr. and I'm glad I have someone with the knowledge of this disease to watch over me. And make sure that I'm being properly cared for. My next BIG challenge is going on a low fat diet. I'm a sugar addict big time. I'm not even kidding. But I have to do this to keep from having galbladder attacks, and to keep from getting diabeties, and with being on a steroid for up to 6 mo. is making it very difficult...You put on alot of weight being on this drug... In 2-3 weeks I've put on 20 lbs.. The Dr. suggested that I start with going to Weight Watchers... I have all the books here for W.W. I have the knowledge of what needs to be done. But my motivation in that area is non exsistant. Due to not being at work for 2 mo. b/c of recovery and hospitalization... I dont have the $40 a mo to start going to meetings....sooooo how do you get the motivation at home?


Toni Brockliss said...

Oh Angela. It is hard.
I have been pregnant 5 times in 4 years (I have two little children, 3 and 2 and I lost 3 babies) so I had lots of excess kilos on me. I have since lost 50 kilos (110 pounds) by cutting down my meals (I love bread) and climbing steps everyday on my wii fit.
I will tell you this - motivation is the key.
Maybe you could do weigh ins at someones house? Take some scales to your Mum's or a really tough (but lovely!) friend and say you will be there every Wednesday to hop on the scales.
Draw up a meal plan and write everything done that you eat for the day.
Eat your meals on a side plate. The plate looks full and it feels like you are not missing out.
Drink lots of water. Have the bottle glued to your hand in your waking hours and drink, drink, drink!
Give yourself rewards. My next reward is a chocolate easter egg on Easter Sunday.
Buy low fat/low calorie treats, like a weight watchers dessert or frozen yoghurt. If you get through the day, you can have that as your last thing at night.
Buy sugarfree lollies.
You love your craft, so when you start to have a craving, just continue crafting. Keep your mind busy.
Print out your face on Pamela Andersons body and put it on your fridge with big bold letters - DO NOT OPEN.
Tell everyone you know that you want to lose some weight and that you would like thier support.

But after all those tips just remember that no matter how much weight you lose, you are a beautiful person.

Amy said...

I wish I could help you .. I so need to lose some weight myself. Take care girl.

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