Saturday, November 8, 2008

Some craftiness has been accomplished

What seems like a long time ago I got a tutorial from Rachel on RVKC etsy to make a lap quilt. Well the quilt has been completed for a long time but the binding was something to be desired. With that said this is also my very first quilt ever made. But my hand sewing well is non exsistant. So I had my boyfriends mother hand sew the binding on for me. I can say that I did try my hand at it but it looked like crap. I will get more practice at it because I'm already working on a new one. And this time there will be some honest to goodness quilting done to it. My BF's Mom Sandy and I have designed a quilt pattern to sew on my new quilt when I finish. Ok is the quilt from the Red Velvet Kit Club you might like to see the full version in my flickr

Next is another piece that I just finished.. A Rag Quilt and her name is "Love"

Boy did I have the drive to finish this one. Pretty colors, the flower printed fabric that I used was my inspiration piece. My main goal was to create a quilt with lots of pink and brown. And when I seen this print I got super excited about it. I think I pulled this all together in less than a month. And thanks to Sandy (Bf's mom) who gave me the guidence to pull these hearts together.

Sooooo ..... What else have I been doing? Well Im in the online class taught by none other than Miss Elsie Flannigan and she's shedding some light on Journaling and new ways of doing so. So I take my pad of graph paper to work and I write and draw on my 15 min breaks. I'm also making homemade gifts for Christmas. Now I just have to concentrate and focus on using my time wisely to get these projects that I have brewing in my head completed on time for the holidays.

So this post is taking about 2 hrs. to put together. Now let me finish before you all say OMG! I have a perfectly good reason for doing so. The CMA Awards show (Country Music Awards) Carrie Underwood blows me away with this song. I love watching the CMA's every year.

So I hope this post has made up for the long time that I have taken in even putting up a new post. I'll try harder to update more. I'll leave you with a little self portrait that I did over the weekend.


RachelDenbow said...

Your quilts look great! Thanks for telling me about them.

*danielle* said...

yay! so exciting finding another crafty person living in WI! i'm loving Elsie's class so much! i've learned so much and have been so inspired! love it!

beautiful quilts! the rag quilt is quite lovely.

good luck on xmas making gifts. mine is going well. sort of. my mind goes so many directions all the time its hard to keep from overloading with too many ideas! haha. talk to you soon. hope you are enjoying the elsiecake class as well!

enjoy a lovely day!

Amy said...

wow you did a wonderful job on the quilts!!! I dont think I could ever make a quilt.

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