Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sorry ..... I guess I'm not a very good blogger!

Been super busy with Christmas gift making this year. Tonight I just finished a quilt I will be giving my parents for Christmas. Pictures will be posted sometime this week.

I'm also participating in the Elsie online class making lots of goodies. And really enjoying getting to know Elsie more through chats and what not. Here is a doll I made out of felt from the class. And here to show you is Cheeto (left), & Chesney (right) ... No its not a toy for them either.

I've been thinking alot about this little guy here lately. I miss him sooo! Tigger passed back in May of this year he would have been 13 yrs. old. (He couldn't pee anymore and he had kidney renal failier, and a heart condition. He probably wouldn't have made it through surgery in his condition.) I especially miss the cuddle time he would give me almost every night. I've really been beating myself up lately about the day I had to say goodbye and when I went to leave the room at the vets office he jumped off the table to follow me out the door. At the time I couldn't and didn't want to see him leave this world right before my eyes. Now I feel that was selfish of me and I should have stayed and held him. Why cant I stop thinking about this? I dont want this to be the last memory of Tigger. I really miss you.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sis!
Just letting you know that it is hard no matter what you would have done. You definitely wouldn't have wanted Tigger to suffer. You did the right thing!
Don't beat yourself up over it, you will always have wonderful memories of your little guy! He was your first pet and they are always the hardest to let go.
Love you Sis!

Charin said...

I understand how hard that is, I lost my cat Tasha after having her for 16's so sad.
I just hopped over from Elsie's blog, I saw your comment and just wanted to say that I hope everything works out with your job! Something will definitely work out, even if it does mean going a different path.

Charin said...

Thank you :)
It's been about three years since she died, but I still miss her a lot. Hang in there!

Amy said...

I am so sorry . I hope you find peace about your cat soon.hang in there..

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