Friday, January 1, 2010

Well ... Here she is...

I was sooooo Happy to start on this project. I've had the pattern to make this for about a month now. But like anything that I have never done before sometimes takes a great deal of time before I take the plunge. It doesn't look very hard to make. But if your like me...the only sewing class I was ever in was when I took home ech. in school. That was more than 20 years ago. So this sewing a circle piece around the bottom was definately a challenge for me. It has a few gliches in it but I love it. I have 2 more to make. The pattern came with 3 labels to iron on. Maybe by the time I get the third one done I'll be a pro. LOL!
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lizzie said...

WOW that is super cute!! i try to sew... and i suck so much at it... i think it's a patience thing i need to work on... i'm going to practice some more this weekend when i make mail bags for my room... the walls are so bare in there i need some more stuff on them!

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