Saturday, February 14, 2009


Over on RedVelvetArt the girls want to know who your secret Celebrity Crush is...well its no secret to anybody who knows me....I got it bad for Kenny Chesney. Infact I even named my cat after him.

So did everyone have a nice Valentines Day? I did. Al and I went to Texas Roadhouse today for a late lunch... I filled up on those yummy rolls with that awesome cinnamon butter, and followed that with a nice piece of New York Strip, and a loaded baked potato. Yes I was pretty stuffed by the time I left. But then I had Al drop me off at the Scrapbook Store so that I could (browse) a little of it off. I haven't been in that particular store since before Christmas...I was having withdrawls. And was very happy when I came acrossed the inksentials craft matt that I've been looking for ... for months. Soooo I got it. They have gotten so much new stuff in from CHA I thought I died and went to heaven. So tomorrow I'm going to clear off my scrap table in my scrapping room and get working on cuteness.
Well I hope everyone has a good nights sleep.


Amy said...

I must agree Kenny is way HOT!! Hope you are doing well!!

Miss Wanderlust said...

Sooo cute!! I went with John Krasinski from The Office :) Thank you for stopping by our blog! I can not wait to get started on our first project from Elsie and Rachel's class!!!

margot said...

thanks for writing a comment on my blog, you made my day! :-)
and your work is lovely, i'll add you to my daily blog reads!!!!!

RachelDenbow said...

He is pretty hot!

JenCoen said...

Hey girl! Relly nice to meet you! :-)
Thanks for stoppin' in on my blog. Can't wait to start posting projects! :-)

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