Friday, February 13, 2009

Happiness Surrounds You

For Christmas I made this quilt for my sister. After she seen the one that I made for myself she wanted one to look just like it. Well I changed it up a little bit... I like it better than the one I made for myself...but anyway. She loves it and uses it all the time. My sister lives in Florida, and I live in Wisconson so anything this cozy makes you feel a little closer to home.

This is Chesney he had to try it out before it was shipped out.

I wanted to do something special with the label... so what I did was designed it on my computer, printed it out on a peice of iron transfer paper and ironed it on the quilt. But will make note that the next time I do something like that it will be on a piece of fabric that hasn't been sewn yet. It needs to be flat.

So today my plan is to do a little organizing... I am a boyds bear collector ..for many years. But enough is enough. I dont have the room for it anymore and my cats sometimes use them as toys and bat them around. Infact I've come home a few times to one of them having the sweater on the bear completely unraveled to shreds....ruined. So its time to move them into a plastic tote. I know why even bother to keep them if you cant enjoy them but I'm not ready to completely get rid of them.

Next I need to clear off the scrapbook table. Put all my tools in there spot and get scrapping again. Its been way to long. I have projects to do. One of which was a Christmas present that I wasn't able to finish in time.

So wish me luck. I get easily distracted.

Oh and I must add that I am anxiousely awaiting the starting of this class. Just a few more days.. sign up here

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