Monday, September 29, 2008

I had a very productive weekend in creative world

Well these pictures don't do this book justice due to bad lighting but....This is a book I made for a girl at work who has a nephew that is in the Marines. The book is actually for the girls sister who is the mother of the youngster who is in the Marines. (did I lose you at any point?) LOL!Inside the book I made 2 areas to act as folders for written letters sent home. The blank pages are for mom to write down stuff or post pictures that might come her way. I'm really happy with how this turned out.
And last but not least this is a layout I made with the July kit from RVKC ....It's been a long time since I scrapped for myself.

I added a few things outside of the kit like these AC chipboard pcs. from the Travel line. And some grid scrap paper from scenic route.
Well its time to turn in for the night. Hope everybody had a Great Monday and make sure you get over here to see the latest update.


Cat said...

Awesome mini book!! I dig your "love" quilt as well :)

photography4me said...

Why Thank you Cat! Thanks for stoppin' by.

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