Saturday, July 5, 2008

Chicago Bound

OK... So here is my video for freestyle Friday on LA's freckled nest...
It's about my fun trip to Chicago this week and I went by myself. I got a new GPS that will get me anywhere. I love it!
It felt really awkward taking these videos in the store. When I was in Sephoria I had a lady come up and ask me if there was anything she could help me find. I thought for sure she was going to tell me no video recording.
Also when I say that I'm out of Starbucks....My voice sounds kind of evil. Don't know why.
Picture taken on Clybourn St. This is the same street WCS is on.
This store was awesome, it had lots of different products. And HAMBLY!! YAY!
After shopping at WCS I was in route to go take skyline photos but due to the rain I wasn't able to. But I did drive down Lake Shore Dr. during the taste of Chicago. Holy busyness!! But I made it through. I want to get down that way again though. There's alot of photo opportunities. The buildings that you see thus far are taken out my car window....hoping that I'm getting what I want in my frame.
The buildings here are beautiful.

Here is just some of the new Hambly that I purchased.
I also went to Borders bookstore and got some new books that I have been interested in.
Some of my Favorite finds.... I love these felt pockets and flowers I found at WCS, my other scrappy finds were at Archivers.
This is my book collection that I store on top of my computer desk. I love learning books.
Now here is a piece that I didn't purchase in Chicago this week but I love it. It's sooo handy and cute. By Making Memories.
Last but not least here is my new Fisheye camera. I wanted to use it in Chicago but due to Mother Nature I will have to take it the next time I go. In August w/ my sister.


Freckled Nest said...

holy calzony :)
i love your trip photos and you are SO cute!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!

your hambly makes me drool :)

keith is currently doing seinfeld impressions ...and i am laughing so hard.

hope you're having a great weekend hotstuff :)

LA :]

lacy said...

amazing picts of your trip!
Hello new friend! LACY

Amy said...

Great photos!!! It looks like you had a blast!!!!

P to the A to the T to the T to the Y said...

Love the video, love the photos, JEALOUS of all your find, JEALOUS!!!!!!!! I tell ya.

Ive always wanted to go to Chicago, so IM super jealous now.

Just Jen said...

I love the picture you got of the store! So glad to have met you and hope that you come visit us again soon at WCS!

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