Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Digital Photography Class...Taught by Matt Mason

The first 2 photos are for my photography class that I go to on Thursday nights.
The first one I needed a Macro shot, and the second I needed a landscape at either sunrise or sunset, or before a storm/or after.
This one is my most favorite with all of these clouds. I must have took 30 pictures that night if not more. I even pulled off to the side of the road and people were driving by wondering what the heck I was doing. But then I had a camera in hand so they probably figured it out.

I must say that this is absolutely gorgeous..... look at those greens and blues, and that moon. This photo is untouched from any kind of editing.
My neighbors have a beautiful garden so I went over there after work and took some pictures. Originally the flowers are purple, white, and yellow but I changed things up a little bit.
This is my favorite location to shoot....located down at our communities boat launch.
And here is my beautiful Mother and My lovely Father on Fathers Day!!

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