Monday, June 2, 2008

Learning Digital

Here is a little something I did today. All by myself with no help from a book. This means my memory still works...hahaha!! And I'm finally getting the hang of LAYERS. I was scared to death of Layers at one time. I couldn't figure them out for the life of me. On this layout I think there were like 22 of them. I also did a little drawing and even some handwriting with my pen tablet. As I'm sure you can handwriting is much neater than this in real life. I'm actually really anal about my handwriting. So it was hard for me to just let this go. But I did.
By the way this is my Sister Julie...we took the train to Chicago and did the Magnificant Mile ..... as Oprah would say. We did this a couple years ago for my birthday. We had a blast. This year I would like to go back and go to Navy Pier, I've never been there.

Here is a page I did from scratch. But I used a technique that I learned from the Magazine Creating Keepsakes Computer tricks for scrapbooking 2. Where you take a photo and use a piece of text paper (a paper with text on it) to use as an overlay. Such great new stuff I'm learning and I love it.

The people in this picture are from left to right: Miranda, Braydon, Cassie, & Rebekah. We were up north a year ago on my boyfriends parents property down by the creek.
Hope you all had a great Monday!!

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