Saturday, May 31, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking and other stuff.

Long time no see...... Well last weekend my boyfriend and I went up north, it's an annual thing for memorial day weekend plus his birthday falls on Memorial Day so there is always an extra celebration.
In the past I would always bring all of my scrap supplies and scrap the whole weekend. Well that had to stop so I bought a laptop so that I could learn more on digital scrapbooking, and of course have it for photo editing too. So on this weekend I spent alot of time learning new techniques I brought all of my books on D.S. and started teaching myself.
The inspiration book I used for this layout is by, Simple Scrapbook, Digital Designs 2.. Author Renee Pearson (i found this book at Archivers) She teaches you step by step on things like creating your own paper, brushes, stamps, and so on. Plus I was able to incorporate my new wacom pen tablet.
This page was a template and you had to add the brushes, pictures, and text. And the thing I liked most about this was learning how to add one of your own pictures as a background overlay.

Hope you have a beautiful Sat. it is suppose to be in the high 70's today for us in Wisconsin. My kitties are lovin' that the windows are open.
Now if I could just get past this viral infection that I have I might be able to enjoy the outdoors sometime this weekend.

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Hummie said...

Very good! Keep it's addictive! I wish you much more inspiration!

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