Tuesday, March 18, 2008

In Loving Memory:(

My Sweet Baby, I will miss you very much...I remember the day I brought you home, you were 9 mo. old, and you came with a little toy that I could bounce in front of you and you would jump after it. You would jump so high. Hence the name Tigger.
In the above picture we took you on a road trip up north to Al's parents house...you were so comfy...of course a few hrs. after your arrival. You never did like car rides. But you loved being able to sit in the open windows up north to smell the fresh air. And watch all the critters.
You loved ice cream....once you heard that wrapper you would jump on mommy's lap and continuously paw at my hand until I let you like my cone. Sometimes you would give me the cutest look on your face. And I couldn't resist.
You were always a Mommy's boy, but you would sometimes allow daddy to pick you up for a split second. Besides I needed to get some pictures.
Here you are.....The best part of everyday is when we would have mommy and tiggy time. You would first start out by just sitting on me....then I would start petting your neck and you would twist your head to the side and rest your beautiful face on me. Then you would reach your paw up to the side of my face where you would ever so slightly brush your paw on my cheek. I miss these moments so much.
Here you are enjoying the beautiful breezes coming through the bedroom window. Oooh you looked so precious here. I just wanted to curl up beside you.
You always wanted to be wherever I was, if I wasn't doing the dishes you would lay there and watch me primp myself in the morning while I got ready for work or whenever. Most of the time the water would be trickling from the kitchen sink so that you could take a little drink of water.
I have got 13 years of beautiful Memories of you....And on Friday March 14th I had to put my best friend to rest. After many years of heart disease, and kidney failure you left this world. :( I loved you soooo.....Holding you for the last time was the hardest thing. Im glad we had our daily Mommy and Tiggy moment the night before..even when you were in so much pain because you couldn't go potty. You reached your paw to my face. Thats when I knew you were saying its alright Mommy. I love you!

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Rene said...

I'm so sorry for your loss... I had 16 years with my *baby* before I had to let him go in December of 2006. I know this is a very hard time for you. Focus on your memories and these beautiful pictures you've shared.


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