Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I am such a clutz...

Some of you may laugh, some may say OMG!! I said....Chesney come here.

Ok today I thought that maybe I could pass on the tradition of carrying Chesney in my arms to the mail box. Our mailbox is about 5 houses down the street. I use to do this with Tigger all of the time and he loved it. Now that the weather is becoming nicer I thought it would be perfect to try something new. Well I got about 5 feet away from the mail box and something happened...My foot must have stepped in a crack and it went sideways, and so did I. When I fell to the ground Chesney ran out of my arms. There was a car coming down our street the driver slowed down to a stop, (thank god) but after noticing that I got up and the cat was out of the way, the driver left, without speaking a word, like are you ok? .... All I could think of was get up...and get him. There is a woods right acrossed the street and that was the last place I wanted him to go. And he was on his way. I caught up to him, only to find that he ran right to a cockel berry bush. I grabbed him the way his mother would have and held on tight and walked home... oh yeah and I did get the mail. When I got in the house Chesney was covered in cockel berry's. And for a long haired cat this is bad news. I ended up having to get the scissors out. Poor little guy has a patch of fur missing by his back leg. Anyways.....I'm glad I caught him. I'm not so glad that I feel in front of a car, that had to have been a sight. I couldn't even imagine. I must have broken a blood vessel in my leg because it is hurting.

So onto better news. I have three columns....YAY!!! I have wanted 3 columns for so long. So I asked my boyfriend to see if he could do this for me. You see I have a problem doing things for the first time sometimes. I always think that I am going to mess things I like to watch and learn. And after a few trial and errors we finally got it. Now I just need to change my header. I think I can manage that one on my own.

Today I recieved a beautiful Sympothy card from the Vets, and Dr.'s, they wrote such beautiful words of sympathy. Thank you very much.


Divine in the Daily (& emj photos) said...

hope u feel better.

i replied with some thoughts about a banner over on my blog.

i'm liking the 3 columns. I just tweaked some code for 3 column over on my personal blog.

soon, i'll do it for my ejmphotos.

RachelDenbow said...

I was wondering if you could enlighten me on how to get borders around photos and where to get them. I am busting at the seams to enhance my photography but I don't know many in the area with the technical know how of borders, etc.

Glad to see you've met my friend, Joe Green. (emj photos) Maybe I should ask him about borders!

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