Friday, February 29, 2008

New Color....Self portraits

Photographer Matt Mason was taking shots of the class last night. Are last class of Digital Photography 101. I really enjoyed this class and I hope to be given the opportunity to take some more if offered.Below here is to show you all my new hair color. I love it!!


amywelch said...

Girl !! You look great in those photos!!!!!

Kinsey said...

Hey girl, your hair is super cute! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I appreciate the love!

BTW, I love love love the kitties. If only I wasn't allergic :( I want one soo bad and I just can't do it. Just my luck I guess!

Take care,

Mika said...

You look great, love the hair. Great shot. Mika (

ejm photos & Divine in the Daily said...

you left a comment on my photo blog, so i thought i'd stop by your corner of the blogosphere.

nice hair.

Matt did a great job with the photo and your border is nice as well.

see you around the blogosphere! Take care.


ejm photos & Divine in the Daily said...

oh wow. i just noticed that you know Rachel Denbow... She and Brett are friends of mine (in real life).

and where are you from in Wisconsin? My wife grew up there and together we lived in Waukesha about 3.5 years.

ejm photos & Divine in the Daily said...

i love lake geneva!

(just not in the winter)

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