Thursday, June 18, 2009

Taking for Granted....My Time

Well I've been off work now for lets see around 2 mo. Waiting almost a mo. before I'm able to have surgery, having surgery, and then recovering. I will return to work next Wed. I'm glad for a few reasons...I'm broke, I've become lazy b/c I cant go anywhere (no funds), And I feel like I have no life. I've put on 50 lbs since January mostly due to steroids...Ughh! I could just cry. Would you say that I have maybe fallen into some sort of depression? Maybe? I stay in the house all day long...I try to wrap my head around making, sewing, taking pictures. I see everyone else around me ... LIVING! How do I get out of this feeling?



Anonymous said...

Hey Sis,
You will get back into your groove shortly I am sure. Just try to look at all the positives in your life right now. You are doing better health wise, you have your job, you have a loving boyfriend, two wonderful cats, a loving family, a great friend support team, and you are LIVING! You have done so many great things since you have been off of work. You don't have to measure doing things by having the funds you would like to have, you are rich in your love, craftiness, family/friendships, and just plain sweetness you possess by just being YOU! Be proud of what you have accomplished and quit looking at the negatives, it will only bring you down more.
I look at you going back to work as a HUGE plus! You will finally be back to what you were doing pre-surgery and it will give you that sense of security again. Right now, things are building up financially and it sucks, but, like always, you will come out ahead! Take it a day at a time and live day by day. Don't look at the big picture! It can be overwhelming if you do that.
Just embrace life! Be joyful for the gifts you have received in the past few months! Give thanks to God!
Love you so much, Your Sister!

deana said...

Hey there... just wanted to stop by to thank you for the sweet blog comment!

I just finished reading a great book that may help a bit...

I'm doing a blog post on it tomorrow if you want to stop by again. It was fast reading (read it in 2 days) & she has a lot of great ideas for getting your own personal mojo back.

I ♥ your sister's comment. Sounds like you 2 are very close. Nothing better in life than a sister... :-)

Things will get better... :-)

Anonymous said...

To answer your question, you probably are depressed, like a chemical depression. A lot of sudden changes in your life can cause that. It happen to me once, and it was tied to an illness as well. Your health, and major change in routine can cause that. Plus, your BODY can become depressed all on it's own! All of the steroids, plus a slowed metabolism, etc. can have its effect on us. You should see a doctor about it. Your doctor might even be able to recommend someone for you to see.
And don't feel bad about this. It is no one's fault. Your family, boyfriend, pets, etc., are not the answer. THey help, but they are YOU with YOUR dreams and YOUr body and YOUR pain.
I hope you feel better soon. gaining 50 lbs in 6 months alone would be enough to drive anyone over the edge! You seem to be a strong and grounded person. But these issues can effect your creativity as well! (that in itself can make you even more depressed!) I wish you the best of luck and hope that you can get to feeling better soon.
Amy from Texas

Amy said...

I hope you get feeling better soon! Take care

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