Saturday, May 30, 2009

Movie Night***

So happy I can get blockbuster movies for 1.99 ea. so 4 movies under $10. So I got Mall Cop Kevin James is my favorite, Last Chance Harvey (looks like a love story), Hit and Run (unrated thriller type movie) , and I'm taking my chances on Benjamin Button... I'm pretty Leary of Brad Pitt movies but it looked like a good story line. So those are my movies.. then I stopped by walmart and got me some super chunky cookie dough blue bunny ice cream for a little snacky - snack. Im also going to start knitting a new dish cloth my 3rd one. I really like to knit better than crocheting.
I've been working on a Etsy Update with an update to happen by next friday June 5th.
Have a Happy Saturday evening.

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1 comment:

Amy Jane said...

I really liked Benjamin was sweet! I really like cookie dough ice cream too...mmmm...I am very very very tempted to head up to my 24-hour Wal Mart right now...!

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