Saturday, May 9, 2009

A little of this, and a little of that...

I'm soooooo excited about my new blog look... today I learned how to make my own backgrounds from scratch, & I learned how to create my own signature. All from SisTv's Bling my Blog class.
Super happy about that.

Sooo yesterday I spent 4 grooling hrs. up at St. Lukes Hospital for an MRI that was only suppose to take 45min to an hour. Only to find out at the end that they would like for me to stick around for an hour to come back in to do a couple more pictures. The Dr. wanted the contrast to work through my liver a bit longer for better results. So I went back out into the waiting room in my fashionable gown to tell my mom the news that we were stuck here even longer. Now mind you I couldn't eat or drink anything 8hrs. prior to this MRI... I purposely got up at 3:30 a.m. to eat a bowl of cereal and a banana just so that I could have something. By 4 p.m. the next day I was able to eat. My mom treated me to subway... I had my footlong ate before she was even half way through her 6 inch. (note: my mom is a slow eater, dont want to give the impression that I'm a hourder, she was also eating her chips too and talking...I on the other hand like to eat one item at a time....always been that way) .... Anyhow I will be calling the Docs office on monday for the results of the MRI.

Lastnight Al and I went for a late dinner with our neighbors, Bill, Jean, and daughter Missy to a local bar for pizza and a fish fry. Missy is there daughter and I haven't seen her since last summer. It was nice to catch up again. I did a family photoshoot last summer for them and this was one of their pictures. I'm looking forward to being able to do this again for them.
Jean is the one who is teaching me how to knit dishcloths... so far so good...except now I'm trying to figure out the decreasing part and it appears to me that i am doing something wrong.

Hope everyone is having a good Saterday, the sun hasen't shined all day here and its only in the 50's.


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Anonymous said...

Very nice Sis...loved reading your blog today! Glad to hear that you are keeping busy with your creativity today. It is always nice to get projects done or at least work on them. Right?
Boy, your Doctor's appt. sounded pretty taxing hey? Lots of hours without food! That was funny what you wrote about you eating and mom eating...LOL...ha ha ha...I know what you mean though.
My day went really well at work today. It was steady busy all day. Not to stressful, just nice and easy. Well, I have to get going for now...keep up the good work on your blog. Love to see your new ideas and such. Good luck with your knitting too. Love ya!

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