Saturday, April 18, 2009

Just starting to feel better...

On Thursday while at work I felt very week and just not right. I went into the office to have my blood pressure taken by one of our EMT's on board and it was 182/98 ..... HOLY CRAP! I've never been that high...not to my knowledge anyway. So I went to the dr. After a few hrs. it had went back down to 145/? then I was feeling really sick like (the flu so you know what goes along with that). But I still needed to go to my other Dr.'s appt. for a CT scan. I have been having pains in my right side for months ... its not just a sometimes thing, it's all of the time. Well the scan revealed a mass growing on my liver...the dr. who spoke to me on the phone with the results told me that its not showing any signs of cancer. (God I hope not) I do have an appt. set up for Monday to see a GI Dr. to go over the results, and to see what is next. I sure hope I'm feeling ok by the 29th of April. I don't want this to mess up my road trip of a lifetime.


ashleyrwatts said...

I hope everything works out (and it will!) and you get to feeling better soon!

My thoughts and prayers! :)


margot said...

hope you feel better!!!

Charin said...

Oh my gosh, how scary!
Hope all is well.

Vivianna said...

How are you feeling?

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