Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good News!!!!!!

My Dr. told me that I am in Remission with the Wegener's Disease. I can have my gallbladder surgery, and I will be starting my maintenance drug for the Wegener's in 2 weeks. Waiting on lab results to see what my liver #'s are at before they decide which drug to put me on. I will be on the maintenance drug for about 18 mo. after that I will hopefully not have to take anymore meds. I will also be returning back to work tomorrow with some restrictions. Still is up in the air about where the pain is coming from. The doctors want to do an MRI but I want to see if there are other routes first. MRI's dont get covered as much with Ins. as a cat scan would and I've had 2 CT scans in the last 2 weeks, and a hyda scan last week. Cant wait for those bills....yeah right!

In the mean time I have started a new pictures yet. Im only on my 3rd row, and I think I have already messed up but its a practice piece so I'm not going to tear it apart yet.

I'm a picture posting kind of blogger and it bothers me that I haven't posted a pic in awhile. I've also been working on a project for myself for once and plan to finish it this weekend. Will either do a video or pictures to show that.

I'm also going to be giving my blog a face lift soon.... Sis TV is doing a 5 day class on Bling your Blog so i've been getting some ideas. I've been wanting to do a new banner for a while now. So pretty things are coming.

Good night everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Glad everything is going really good with you Sis. You have had a pretty rough start in the beginning of this year. Glad to see things are turning around healthwise for ya.
I loved reading your blog today. So nice to see you enjoying your blog again.
Love ya bunches! Sis

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