Sunday, February 22, 2009

I missed the chat the other morning for RVA class but here are my answers to the ?'s

1. favorite recent purchase? The Silhouette Digital Craft Cutter (on this machine you can use the fonts in your computer and it will cut them out for you and you can use vinyl adhesive in this machine too. I'm so excited to play with it, and the Album Kit from LA's Freckled Nest

2. favorite album (for creative purposes, of course!) It will definately have to be the one I just bought from LA ... I know I haven't recieved it yet but I'm so excited to learn how to do that book.

3. favorite crafty snack? Well when I'm up at the local scrapbook store cropping I love the brownies that the owners husband makes. They are usually fresh out of the oven, and sometimes gets served with ice cream. But...If I'm here at home~ anything chocolate

4. what time of day do you feel most creative? More so in the afternoon. But my head is always thinking about crafting...even when I'm at work building pumps.

5. what is one skill you hope to develop over the next 8 (or 7....) weeks? Well, I'd really like to learn more about embroidery, especially the stitching. I tried it in Elsie's first class and my work looked pretty bad. I have to learn to keep my stitches all the same size.
I'm also interested in making my own stamp.
Painting on fabric is interesting to me as well. I have yet to try it.

6. Starbucks drink of choice? (well, it doesn't have to be from Starbucks.. we are just big fans. :D) Well it used to be Carmel Frap. but then the Captain Crunch came along. I'm embarresed to say but I've had one everyday since I've learned about them... I promise I will cut back. Infact I will wait until mid week or friday to have one again.

7. secret inspiration sources (do not hold out on us!) Well in photoshop type stuff I'm really into Pioneer Women Photography she does great tutorials on this site and its for free.
I love going into the Barnes and Noble Store and looking at all the Photoshop books and Mags.
I love my magazines from Scapbooks ETC. , Creating Keepsakes, and my most recent love is the Better Homes and Gardens quilting Mags.
Flickr is definately an inspiration source....covers alot of area for me. Oh yeah and all the groups you can learn so much from other people.
Looking at blogs, Elsie, Rachel........Need I say more!? HEHEHE!

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