Saturday, August 9, 2008

Writing From St. Ignace In the U.P. of Michigan

Here are some pictures of us as we have been driving for the last 2 days and stopping here and there.

On the road......Usually when there is a view stop/resting location we stop to get more pictures.
These things were pretty cool . What a clever idea.

I thought I busted my knee as we were coming down the steps to view this point of interest, there were lots of steps and the last one into the sand was really deep.
More to come later. This is just an update from the hotel room. Now I need to go get ready as there is more driving ahead of us. Furter up the U.P.


Anonymous said...

Nice photos! I loved the one of you sitting down on the log on the beach. What beautiful sceneary behind you.
I also loved those metal people...ha ha ha...where were those? At someone's house or just at a road stop?

Anonymous said...

Hey, it is your sis, I posted the last comment...he he he...I put it under anonymous, I don't have a google account set up....Love ya

Just Jen said...

I LOVE St Ignace! Hope you are having/had a wonderful time there. Being from Traverse City I visited that area a lot before we moved to Chicago.

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