Saturday, August 2, 2008

Driving in Style

Finally!!! My old Grand Am is GONE!!! I bought her brand new 10 yrs. ago. That thing was a lemon from day one. Can you say "Brakes & Antifreeze" That car went through a lot of it. Dont know where all the antifreeze was going but it was going somewhere. Not to mention Dexcool Antifreeze eats the gaskets and that creates leaks. So after finding that car fixing people changed it over to a non dexcool vehicle....and guess what 6 mo. later I'm filling the tank bake up again. Who knows?

But now..... Check it out. I got everything I wanted in this new ride. And then some. The dealership had to drive it from Iowa to Wis. b/c no one closer had what I wanted. An I-pod input jack was at the top of the list, and 4 wheel drive for in the winter was right up there along with it. So then I thought black leather seats and a sunroof. ....... And now I'm driving in comfort. With no Strut mount banging in the background or squeeky brakes. All I hear is the sweat sound of the beautiful speaker system that came with it. 9 Acoustical Speakers......

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Just Jen said...

Congrats on the new ride!!

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