Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Night Scrapbooking Hybrid Style

Well I decided to stay in tonight vs. going to the scrap store to do some scrapping, I've been wanting to try hybrid scrapping for awhile. Well here is my first page...Now I need to find some paper to match up with this and make a page to put into Tigger's Memory Book. I will also add embelishments to some of the empty space in my text box to add dimension. The text box I drew with my Wacom Pen Tablet in photoshop. I then painted in the colors with my paintbucket or when needed I used a brush. Text box was inspired by Elsie Flannigan. Hope your all having a Great Friday Night!!

Inside the text box are names that I would call Tigger. In these pictures I am making a book for my Dad. It was his fathers day/birthday present for last year. Tigger was helping. Yeah Right!! More like flinging my brads around. He was so cute. He would always sit on that blankey/snozzy and watch me.
Here is another picture that I turned into an 8x8 and I plan to stick some journaling pieces on here and some extra embelishments to add to Tiggers Memorial Book.

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