Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Finally Something for ME!!

I have had these prints that I've been meaning to work on for the longest time. Infact I purchased the music therapy print back in august. It is now Jan. and I have finally allowed myself to do something for me. Now they are in beautiful black scrapbook frames hanging in my scraproom. Waiting for more to surround them. Actually there is one up there with them. It is the one about the day that I met Elsie. If you havn't seen it yet you can scroll down through a couple of pages. It's probably one of my first few post. Any way I still have another print in the waits for an idea that I have.
Not sure if I told anyone who lurks into my blog. But I was asked to do a photoshoot for a wedding coming up in May. I am so excited about this. And then after I was asked I came upon a class that is being taught at my old high school by a local photographer who specializes in wedding photography. This class will help me learn more about composition, lighting, and poses. I start on the 24 of Jan. and it is a 6 week class. I would love for it be longer though. I have also been looking at barnes and noble for some good wedding photography books, with ample amount of poses in them. So I can study on the ones that I would like to use. If anyone has any ideas on books of interest I would be so appreciative to know your input.
Well time to figure out what is for dinner. I have 15 min. before the Biggest Loser comes on.


Pebblita said...

Oh, my god. Those are amazing. You rock!!

Jules said...

Hi Angela,

Love your art. Whereever did you get those prints? Digging those bigtime!


photography4me said...

Hello Jules,

I purchased those prints from Elsie from her Etsy shop. you can get there by going to elsiecake.etsy.com but for right now until I think Feb 15 her shop will be closed and then she will put stuff back up again on the 15th.

I'm glad you like....and thank you for the comments.

Krys said...

I love what you did with Elsie's prints! I also think she is A-Mazing!

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