Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The beginnings of another new Hobby

Well here she is..... My new sewing machine! This year one goal is to make a lap quilt. I can't wait to go to Jo Anne Fabrics to look for the colors I would like to use. I'm thinkin' spa like colors, rejuvenation like. lavender, sage,....

But first I am going to start out by making a pot holder. I already have the fabric and batting for it. It is brown with aqua polka dots. Can't wait to share with you.

Of course Chesney has to be in the shot.... If I have the door to my craft room open he always has to be in here checking stuff out. Just wish he would stay away from the cords.

Pictured above is a print of one of Elsie's paintings. I think these frames are fun...I want to get more.

And here is a display of my wall art. I'm really liking how this is turning out. Now I just need to decide on a paint color for my room. Something bright, inspirational, and won't clash with my decor. I'm thinking maybe a butter yellow, with ivory white accents. Anyone have any ideas for me? The only windows I have in this room are side by side and the sun never shines in these windows.

1 comment:

Charin said...

I have those same frames all over my living room wall! :) Good taste, Angela! ;)

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