Saturday, November 24, 2007

Elsie's birthday present's

Here I am... scared to death that I am going to mess up on this and half to start all over. I am using a sewing machine for the first time on a scrapbook page. It was slow starting at first. Now I want to sew everything!
And here is the finished product. Double click on the picture and you will be able to see my sewing. It is on the white card stock on each edge. Now some people would think that I was crazy if they knew how long it took for me to actually finish this can, but I think I worked on it for a whole day. But that is the kind of scrapper I am. I don't finish until I have things just right. If you would like to see my other paint cans go to my flicker page. You can get there by clicking on my strip of pictures to the right of the page.
Some people might think....OK....what do you do with this thing? Well I use it to put gifts in that I am giving to someone. And then the recipient can do whatever they want with it, like if your a scrapper you can store some scrapping supplies in it. In fact the love, elsie embellishments fit perfectly in here. That's what I used it for when I went to the last scrapbook retreat when I made this can.
And here I am.....where everything was created. I stayed at Blooming Escapes Resort, in the Wisconsin Dells. This place was beautiful. It is a big house and accommodates about 18-20. There were 18 of us. I really enjoyed myself.

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