Sunday, October 7, 2007

Just a few of my favorite things

Today when I went into town I picked up this new HIP from LOREAL that I've been wanting to try. And one of my favorite magazines. You know outside of scrapbooking magazines I do like to keep up on the styles.
Then when I came home I figured I would take some photos with a white sheet drapped in front of a sun filled window. I really liked how it turned out. And I didn't even use a flash. I had to be quick with this little bugger he likes to run off. (Note: If you double click on this photo above it will have a differant texture to it then normal kind of like a painted texture, I did this on purpose with photoshop elements. I think it looks pretty cool.)
And here is my eldest Tigger. Since the new little one came along Tigger doesn't come over and sit on my lap like he used to and today he actually came over on my lap. Rested his head on my chest and put his paws to my face like old times. I was so happy, It made my day.
Hope you all had a great Sunday!


Jennifer said...

girl, that picture came out super cute!!!

nikki peterson said...

thanks for the nice comments. nope, it's not canvas, just on of the papers in the kit. it was a fun one to play with! have a great weekend!

RachelDenbow said...

You'll have to e-mail Elsie and see if she's selling it in her Etsy shop or not. It is SOOOOO cute.

Jennifer said...

we need updates girly!!!

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