Sunday, September 23, 2007

Today is the 1st day of Fall

On my way home from eating breakfast this morning I stopped by this field full of sunflowers. What a beautiful sight to start out the first day of fall. I love sunflowers..If I wasn't wearing my flip-flops I would have gone through the ditch and actually stand in the field of sunflowers. But lord only knows whats learking in there. I hate bugs, spiders to be exact. Infact I had one of those black thick looking ones crawling on me in my house the other day and I about jumped out of my skin. Screaming OMG-OMG! My oldest cat Tigger comes over to see what the heck ma is yelling about. It was almost like he was coming to help me. With the look on his face. It was adorable. My furry friends I love them so!
When I came home from breakfast this morning to my surprise this is what I had seen. My two little boys sharing the same piece of furniture together taking there late morning nap. Usually Tigger is looking over his shoulder wondering if his new little brother Chesney is going to jump on his back. I have felt so sorry for Tigger, his little squeeks everytime Chesney jumps on him makes me think he is hurting. Tigger hasn't been wanting to have "Mommy & Tigger" time at all for over a week. Because he is still mad at me. But last night after Chesney was down for the night. Tigger came over to my lap and jumped up on me. And laid on me the way that he always does. With his head on my chest and his paws up by my face. So precious, while I pet the sides of his face, he falls asleep. This has been what I have been waiting for. I had to hold back the tears because any kind of movement other than my hand petting the side of his face would make him want to jump down.

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Jennifer said...

that picture is just too gorgeous!!! love it!

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