Thursday, July 26, 2007

CHA 2007

Well here it is....Let me tell you a little bit about my day... On July 21 st I was able to go to CHA in Chicago. (CHA is a big craft show where retailers go and buy new product to bring into there store) Well I was very blessed to be able to attend this year. Thanks to my Dear & Very close friend Linda from Memories from the Heart Scrapbook Store Delavan Wisconsin. I was able to see new product line and get the chance to make some Make-n-Takes. Speaking of the cute little card make n take at the top of my pictures here is what I made at Elsie's station. Which leads me to the story of Elsie Flannigan. The first time I picked up the magazine of scrapbooks etc. I loved it! So that made me go and check out the website because I knew there was going to be some videos of how to's, then I looked around and noticed that some of the Designers had blogs. So I proceeded to check it out. I clicked on Elsie's blog......And was very impressed with the work that she does. And her photography was something that I could only dream of, the lighting, locations, and the awesome self portraits that I learned later on that she takes of herself. Now I know that when I take a self portrait I usually have this dorky look on my face and I usually delete. But someday I will learn to get it right. Practice, practice, practice!!!! So anyway after viewing her blog and I seen that she had a myspace (which at the time I was very new at) and I thought.....Oooohhh! What the heck lets see if she will add me as a myspace friend....And she did!!!! So now I can see all of her new creations in the designer world, and all of her beautiful photography. Not to mention I've learned a thing or two. Because if you have any ?'s about anything she usually answers.
So on with my story: I'm at CHA, I've been there since about 9 a.m and it is now 2:30 p.m. and I came upon Elsie's Booth .....I was so excited when I asked if Elsie was there that day and when the girl told me she was I walked back to booth where my friends were at with tears in my eyes. I was finally going to meet Elsie!!!! She was also going to be teaching a make n take @ 3 o'clock. So I was for sure going to be there. So I sat down at the counter and was able to talk to Elsie and tell her where I was from. And that I was one of her myspace friends. Don't know if she recognized me but thats alright... So I proceeded to try and do this project with my hands shaking. I then asked her to sign my make n take and then I asked for a picture with her. I was so happy!!! And Elsie was just as nice as I thought she would be. If your reading this ..... THANKS ELSIE!!! By the way Linda from Memories from the Heart ordered Zoe. I cant wait for it to come.
Hope everyone enjoyed my story! Bye for now.

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